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Ques:)ThebattleofKhandaqisalsoknown? Answ:) battleofAhzab Ques:)ConquestofMakkahwastookplaceon?
Answ:)20Ramzan Ques:)Battleinwhichprophetnotpartici patedisknownas?
Answ:)IslamicArmy Ques:)InUhdbattleMuslimwomenparticipated?
Answ:)Firstly Ques:)BattleofMautawasthefirst? Answ:)NonArabWar Ques:)Thenisabbythegoldstandardis? Answ:)3ouncesofgold(87.48grammes)oritscashequivalent Ques:)Thenisabbythesilverstandardis? Answ:)21ouncesofsilver(612.36grammes)oritsequival Ques:)WhichcountryisPeninsula? Answ:)SaudiArabia Ques:)OldnameofMakkahwas? Answ:)Bakkah Ques:)OldnameofMedinawas? Answ:)Yasrab Ques:)HazratBilalR.Awasthefirstsl Answ:)AcceptIslam aveto? ent Ques:)BeforeKabah,ProphetS.A.W.Wusedtopraytowards? Answ:)MasjidAl-Aqsa Ques:)Wuzukkitnyfaraizhain? Answ:)4faraizhain Ques:)Ghushalkkitnyfaraizhain? Answ:)3faraizhain Ques:)Israelwasthelaqabof? Answ:)HazratYaqub Ques:)SuraheTobastartswith? Answ:)Bismil lah
Ques:)Amuslimmaleiscoffinedin? Answ:)3dressedsheets Ques:)Amuslimfemaleiscoffinedin? Answ:)5sheets Ques:)Jehadbecamemandatoryin? Answ:)2AH Ques:)HazratIbrahimA.Shadhowmanychildren? Answ:)13Children Ques:)Jami-i-Quranistakenfor? Answ:)HazratUsman(RA) Ques:)Pious-Cali phatelastedforabout? Answ:)ThirtyYears Ques:)GatheringonArafatduringHajjismadeon? Answ:)9thZilHajjah Ques:)Qur' ancontainshowmuchstages? Answ::)7stages Ques:)HazratZaidbinSabit(RA)wasthewriteof? Answ:)FirstWahiinQuraish Ques:)BathaValleyissituatedi n? Answ:)Makkah Ques:)ThelongestSurahoftheQur' Answ:)SurahalBaqarah anis? Ques:)Al-MaeenisaSurahinwhichthereare? Answ:)100ormoreayahs Ques:)Arbaeen"isthebookofHadithinwhichthereare? Answ:)40Ahadith Ques:)FatwaQaziKhanisan? Answ:)authenticFatwaofFiqhHanafi Ques:)"FIDK"gardenwasbestowedtotheHolyProphetas? Answ:)Fay Ques:)ThetilegiventothepioneersofIslamwas? Answ:)AssabiqoonalAwwalun Ques:)TheMasterofHazratBilal(MABPH)duringembracingIslamwas? Answ:)UmmayiabinKhalaf Ques:)Splitti ngofthemoonoccurredin?
Answ:)Mina Ques:)TheProphet' sstampcomprisesofthesewords? Answ:)Allah,Rasool ,Muhammad Ques:)TheheadsofZakatare? Answ:)Eight Ques:)MAUWAZATAINmeans? Answ:)TwospecificSurahsofQuran Ques:)TheReligiousofthemajorityoftheArabsbeforeIslamwas? Answ:)Idolatrous Ques:)NameofthesonofHazaratYaqoob(A.S)whoseoff-springsaretheJews? Answ:)Yahooda Ques:)WhatwasthetotalnumberofidolswhichwerefixedaroundtheKaaba? Answ:)360 Ques:)HazratMuhammad(PBUH)wasbornaboutthreethousandsyears,after Answ:)HazratIbrahim(A.S) Ques:)HazratUmer(R.A)embracedIslamin? Answ:)616A.D. Ques:)Zou-Shadatianistitl eof? Answ:)HazratKhuzaimabinSabit(R.A) Ques:)NamesofUmhatulMomeneen(R.A): Answ:)HazratKhadejaR.A HazratSaudaR.A HazratAyeshaR.A HazratHafsaR.A HazratZainabBinteKhazeemaR.A HazratSalmahR.A HazratZainabBinteHajashR.A HazratUmehHabibaR.A HazratSafiyaR.A HazratMemonaR.A HazratMariaKibtiahR.A HazratJaveriahR.A Ques:)Inji lorBibleon? Answ:) HazratIsa(A.S) Ques:)Zaburon? Answ:)HazratDawood(A.S) Ques:)TorahorToraton? Answ:)HazratMusa(A.S)
Ques:)Qur' anon? Answ:)HazratMuhammadS.A.W.W Ques:)BiggestcountryofAfrica?? Answ:)algeri a Ques:)Russiaisincl udedinwhichcontinent? Answ:)somehowboderwithasiaandeurope Ques:)FamousdesertofPakistan?? Answ:)TharPunjabandkharaninbaluchistan Ques:)CamelnameofHazratMuhammad(PBUH)duringmigration? Answ:)kaswa Ques:)HazratMuhammad(PBUH)workedaslabourinbuildingwhichmosque? Answ:)masjidquba Ques:)HazratAdamwasthrowninwhichcountry? Answ:)sril anka Ques:)WhatisthedateofbirthofQuaid-e-Azam" Answ:)December25,1876 Ques:)WherewasQuaid-e-Azamborn? Answ:)Karachi Ques:)WhatwasthenameofthebuildingwhereQuaid-e-Azamwasborn? Ans:WazirMansioninKharadar Ques:)Whatwasthenameofhisfather? Answ:)JinnahbhaiPoonja Ques:)Whatwasthenameofhismother? Answ:)Mithibai Ques:)Whichfamouspersonalitydiedin1951? Answ:)Liaqatalikhan Ques:)WhoisthefirstPresidentofPakistan? Answ:)Iskandarmirza Ques:)WhatisthemeaningofAlbiet? Answ:)Progress Ques:)Whowasthefirst"Muazzan"OfIslam? Answ:)HazratbilalR.A Ques:)captialofkenya? Answ:)Nairobi Ques:)Qaid-e-Azam14points?
Answ:)1929 Ques:)SonofHazratAdam(a.s)? Answ:)3 Ques:)MAOhighschoolalighargiventhestatusofcollege? Answ:)1977 Ques:)3rdroundtableconferance? Answ:)1932 Ques:)Whatistherateofzaqat Answ:)2.5% Ques:)FirstArmycheifofpakistan? Answ:)Sirfrankmesservy Ques:)Objecti veresoluti onofpakistanwaspassed? Answ:)1949 Ques:)Chiefjustsofpakistan? Answ:)Tasaduqhussaingilani Ques:)largestdesertoftheworld? Answ:)saharainafrica Ques:)Currencyofmalaysiais? Answ:)Rangat Ques:)Chairman(Speakerlike)ofsenateofPakistanis? Answ:)SyedNayyaerhussainbukhari Ques:)Zakaatandnimazbecameobligatoryin? Answ:)Nimaz2hijri,zakaat3hij ri Ques:)Presidentofrussi ais? Answ:)VladimirPuti n Ques:)Whichbirdisknownastheinternationalsymbolofhappiness? Answ:)shayaddoveha,butconfirmkrlena Ques:)Whatwastherelationb/wHazratIsmail(as)andHazratIshaq(as) Answ:)Brother Ques:)ecreterygeneralofUNOis? Answ:)BankeemoonfromSouthkorea Ques:)HeadquarterofUNOisin? Answ:)Newyork,USA Ques:)Whenlucknowpactwasheld? Answ:)December,1916at lucknow
Answ:)Whowasawardednoblepeaceprizein2012? Answ:)EurpeonUnion Ques:)WhoisthesecertoryofUSA? Answ:)JohnCarry Ques:)LongestriverofWORLDANDASIAis? Answ:)Yangtzeofchina Ques:)FIRSTGOVERNORgENERALOFPakistanwas? Answ:)QUAID-E-aZAM,2ndwas KHAWAJANAZIMUDIN Ques:)HeightofK-2is? Answ:)8,611meters(28,251ft) Ques:)Liaqatalikhanbornon? Answ:)October1,1895 Ques:)HolyProphetwasbornin? Answ:)571A.D22ndApril Ques:)HazratHajirah(RA)WastheMotherOf? Answ:)HazratIsmail Ques:)JabPresidentNhiHotaToMulkKonChalataHy? Answ:)Speaker Ques:)GhazwakhandakmainkhandakKilengthandwidth? Answ:)10kmlong22ftwide16ftdepth Ques:)KaleemUllahKisKaLaqabTha? Answ:)HazratMusa Ques:)LargestDaminPakistan? Answ:)Tarbela Ques:)Quid-e-Azam14pointskidate? Answ:)1929 Ques:)MakahwasconqueredbyHolyProphet(PBUH)on? Answ:)08Hijri Ques:)HeadquartersofPakarmy,navy,airforce? Answ:)Rawalpindi ,Islamabad Ques:)SonofHazratAdam(a.s)? Answ:)3 Ques:)Chiefofarmystaff? Answ:)RaheelSharifsince29November2013. Ques:)CamelnameofHazratMuhammad(PBUH)duringmigration? Answ:)Qaswa
Ques:)HazratAdamwasthrowninwhichcountry? Answ:)srilanka Ques:)MessaqeMadina? Answ:)622hijari Ques:)Shimlaconference? Answ:)june1945 Ques:)WhichcountryhaslargestborderwithPakistan? Answ:)WithIndia2,912km Ques:)WhichmilitaryawardbelongstoBritten? Answ:)Victori aCross Ques:)HowmanytimesthenameofHolyProphet(PBUH)ismentionedintheHolyQuran? Answ:)4 Ques:)HazratAdam(a.s)had-----son' sand----daughters? Answ:)3sonsand2daughters Ques:)WhichProphetsleeps100yearsandagainwokeup? Answ:)HazratUzaira.s Ques:)HowmanydaysHazratYousaf(a.s)remainedinthewell? Answ:)3days Ques:)OnlySahabimentionedinQuranis? Answ:)HazratZaidbinHaris Ques:)MembersofSAARC. Answ:)8 Ques:)SpeakersofProphettitl eofwhichProphet? Answ:)HazratShoaiba.s Ques:)TheincidentofKarbalatookplaceinwhichMoharram? Answ:)61A.H Ques:)HeightofHazratAdam(a.s)? Answ:)90feet Ques:)Whoimposed1stMartialLawinPakistan? Answ:)Ayubkhan1958 Ques:)3rdroundtableconference Anse:)1932 Ques:)AliGarhgotastatusofcollege/Universi Answ:)1877,1920 Ques:)Pak becamea member Of UNO on
Ques:)TochiPassisb/w? Answ:)Pakistanandchina Ques:)2016Olympicswillhel din? Answ:)RiodeJaneiro,Brazil Ques:)Ashraemubashra? Answ:)AshraMubashraarethoseCompanionsofProphetHazrat Ques:)MAOhighschoolAligarhgiventhestatusofcollegein? Answ:)1977 Ques:)3rdroundtableconference? Answ:)1932 Ques:)Defenceministername? Answ:)KhawajaAsifsinceNovember27,2013. Ques:)JointChiefsofStaffCommittee(CJCSC)name? Answ:)GeneralRashadMahmoodsinceNovember29,2013. Ques:)CHIEFOFNAVALSTAFFname? Answ:)AdmiralMuhammadZakaullahsince2October2014. Ques:)ViceCHIEFOFNAVALSTAFFName? Answ:)ViceAdmiralMuhamamdShafiq. Ques:)ChiefOfAirStaffname? Answ:)AirChiefMarshalTahirRafiqueButtsinceMarch19,2012. Ques:)ViceChiefOfAirStaffname? Answ:)AirChfMrshlAnwarShamim. Ques:)CHIEFOFArmySTAFFofIndianame? Answ:)GeneralDalbirSi nghSuhagsince31July2014. Ques:)ChiefofairstaffAirofIndianame? Answ:)AirChiefMarshalArupRahasince31December2013. Ques:)CHIEFOFNAVALSTAFFofIndianame? Answ:)AdmiralRobinKDhowansince17April2014. Ques:)Objecti veresoluti onofPakistanwaspassedin? Answ:)1949 Ques:)Abadiklahazsabramulik Answ:)China Ques:)Rkbayklehazsabramilk Answ:)Russia Ques:)Speakernationalassembly Answ:)Ayazsadik
Ques:)Gazwauhed? Answ:)3hijri Ques:)Pakistankimyshtmabrahisa Answ:)zerat Ques:)komiasemblikimyad Answ:)5sal Ques:)jihadkameaning Answ:)koshishkrna Ques:)3pn6= Answ:)120 Ques:)ChorachoriIncedent? Answ:)1922 Ques:)First&lastmughalbadshah? Answ:)Zafaruddinbabur Ques:)Lastwahiwhereandwhenrevealed?
Answ:)10hijri ..haj jahtulwadaa Ques:)Oneonefunction? Answ:)Injecti ve Ques:)BiggestFATAagency? Answ:)Southnazeristan Ques:)Whowasfirstempiralinindia? Answ:)Mauryanempire Ques:)zakatkmusaraf?
Answ:)8 Ques:)SuraEMaryaminwhichpara? Answ:)16 Ques:)bigestthermalpowerofpakistan? Answ:)kotaddu Ques:)Whoisthelargestproducerofquartz? Answ:)CUBN Ques:)lucknowpact?
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Army Selection and Recruitment CentrePMA Long Course Initial Tests & ISSB
These initial tests are held prior to ISSB Tests and are held at candidates nearest ASRC .Those candidates who are successful in initial tests are short listed and sent calls for ISSB tests.These tests details are shown below.
Procedure: Five types of tests are held which are intelligence,academic,physical,medical,interview.
Intelligence Tests
 Details:Two types of  MCQ tests are held which are
a). Verbal          b). Non Verbal
 Details:Serial Type         Total MCQ          Time
                    1.           Verbal             96                   30 min
                    2.           Non Verbal       96                 40 min   
Note: If successful in these tests then candidates will be called  Academic Tests possibly on next week otherwise the candidates will be screened out and cannot give remaining tests.

Academic Tests

ISSB Group Discussion

ISSB Group Discussion Topics and Tips When candidates have been divided into groups and introduced to the GTO, The GTO gathers them into a room which has a spherical sitting. This room is the room of group discussion. The first task of the GTO is the group discussion. This is one of the most important task as the candidate creates his first impression to the GTO on the basis of Group Discussion Task.  As the first impression is the last impression, the candidate should be careful in his choice of words and his viewpoints.  First of all, before starting a group discussion, every candidate sitting in the circle introduces himself to his other mates about his educational qualifications, the city of residence, hobbies etc. Sometimes the Group Testing Officer or the GTO gives one compulsory topic to the candidate to talk upon whereas in other cases he gives a couple of topics. The subject which is agreed by majority is accepted by the Group Testing Officer.

What you have to do in Group Discu…


Join Pakistan Army Through Regular Commission Long Course. PMA 143 L/C Started
Apply Now Welcome to our . We are going to intimate people who are willing to join Pakistan army. Opportunities are often being offered by Pakistan army for Pakistani nationalists time to time to serve the nation with their abilities and skills. Now you can join Pakistan army as Commissioned Officer through 143 PMA Long Courses. The registration for 143 PMA long courses is now opened. The duration of the course is 02 years. The students who have completed their 12 years of education or 14 years of education from recognized educational institutions in the country are recommended to apply.
PROCEDURE OF SELECTION:- There are few steps for selection of students for 139 PMA Long Courses 2016. There is no recommendation or reference is being accepted by the army to provide opportunity to serve the nation, because army is most respected institutions in the country. The civilized, well-educated, honest a…

Nishan e Haider Holders Names & Pictures – HEROES OF PAKISTAN

NISHAN-E-HAIDER  (URDU: نشان حیدر‎ )  (abbreviated as "NH") is PAKISTAN'S highest military gallantry award. "Nishan-e-Haider" literally means "Emblem of the Lion" in the Urdu language. The word "Haider" is also the epithet of Hazart Ali RA, who is referred to as the 'Lion of Allah', a valiant warrior and leader.

Bannu Gull

Bannu – Home of Pakhtoons
July 21, 2013CultureBannu (Bana) is located in the KPK province, approximately 120 kilometers South-West of Kohat City and 140 kilometers North of Dera Ismail Khan City. Bannu District covers an area of approximately 1227 and has a population of nearly 12 Lakh people, most of whom are Pakhtoons (Pashteen) although there is a very small population of Hindus, Sikhs and Christians present there. Pashto (Pashtay) is the main language spoken in the city and villages with a tiny mix of the Hindco, Marwati, and Waziri dialects in some places like the main city bazar (Bazore). The Kurram River (Koorma) flows through Bannu providing a rich source for the agricultural area.Bannu was formerly a British Army stronghold. The British built a wall around the city with several gates in every direction and a giant fort in the Cantonment area named Dilip Singh Fort. The city gates are called Lakki Gate, Parady Gate, Qasbaan Gate, Mandaan Gate, Sokari Gate, Hinjaal Gat…

History of the KASHMIR conflict

A brief history of the Kashmir conflict
The Kashmir dispute dates from 1947. The partition of the Indian sub-continent along religious lines led to the formation of India and Pakistan. However, there remained the problem of over 650 states, run by princes, existing within the two newly independent countries. In theory, these princely states had the option of deciding which country to join, or of remaining independent. In practice, the restive population of each province proved decisive. The people had been fighting for freedom from British rule, and with their struggle about to bear fruit they were not willing to let the princes fill the vacuum. Although many princes wanted to be "independent" (which would have meant hereditary monarchies and no hope for democracy) they had to succumb to their people's protests which turned violent in many provinces. Because of its location, Kashmir could choose to join either India or Pakistan. Maharaja Hari Singh, the ruler of Kashmir…

گناہ کبیرہ

بخاری و مسلم کی ایک حدیث میں ہے کہ: رسول کریم صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم نے فرمایا کہ کبیرہ گناہوں میں بھی جو سب سے بڑے ہیں تمہیں ان سے باخبر کرتا ہوں، وہ تین ہیں، اللہ تعالی کے ساتھ کسی مخلوق کو شریک ساجھی ٹھہرانا، ماں باپ کی نافرمانی اور جھوٹی گواہی دینا یا جھوٹ بولنا۔




Ans:24 — When you divide Tina’s age, 16, into four, you’ll find that her brother is four. Meaning, when Tina is 24, her brother will be 12. When he’s 12, her brother will be half Tina’s age.

Ans:56398 — By attributing each number to a letter from the word OCEAN, you find the solution.

Ans: 5 — A fifth of 200 is 40, halving that gives you 20 and then dividing that by four will leave you with five.

Ans:Studying — A virus is fixed by a vaccine, the same way an exam is helped by studying.

Ans:Suited — The exact definition of suited is “right or appropriate for a particular person, purpose or situation”.

Five trips — Eric can only carry three bottles per trip meaning after four trips he’ll be left with one bottle. His fifth trip, Eric will carry one.

Ans:Two oranges — If you take away two oranges from three, you’ll have two  you and one left over.
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BANNU GULL   بنوں گل
Origin of the Name “Bannu”
There is a misunderstanding about the name “Bannu”. It is said that one of the wife of Shah Farid, the ancestor of the people of Bannu was named “Bano” that’s why the place was given the name . This is a silly and humorous logic. There are many proofs that the above mentioned reason for the name “Bannu” is wrong.

Some fifteen hundred years ago, a Chinese tourist writer“Heon Sang” has called it Banna. Also some thirteen Hundred years ago a Muslim historian “Al-Bilazari” has mentioned the name Banna or . Both these two historians have lived many hundred years before Shah. Secondly pushtoon culture never permits people to make public the name of their women. They rather keep it secret from other people. Then how it can be possible that they would have chosen a name of a woman for their city.
Welcome to Bannu

Bannu is a district of Khyber PakhtunKhwa Province (old name of the province was N.W.F.P - North West Frontier Province), in Pakistan.…

How to invite Your all friends To Facebook Page

How to invite Your all friends To Facebook Page