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   Army Selection and Recruitment Centre    

      PMA Long Course Initial Tests & ISSB
These initial tests are held prior to ISSB Tests and are held at candidates nearest ASRC .Those candidates who are successful in initial tests are short listed and sent calls for ISSB tests.These tests details are shown below.
Procedure: Five types of tests are held which are intelligence,academic,physical,medical,interview.
                                          Intelligence Tests
 Details:Two types of  MCQ tests are held which are 
a). Verbal          b). Non Verbal
 Details:    Serial         Type         Total MCQ          Time
                    1.           Verbal             96                   30 min
                    2.           Non Verbal       96                 40 min    
Note: If successful in these tests then candidates will be called  Academic Tests possibly on next week otherwise the candidates will be screened out and cannot give remaining tests.

                                              Academic Tests 
 Details:      Serial         Type          Total MCQ            Time
                       1            Academic     55                    40 min
Note:  Subjects from which MCQ in Academic tests come from are Math,Physics,Pak Studies,General Knowledge(Science Group) .If successful then candidates will be called for physical tests otherwise if not successful in academic tests the candidate will screened out and cannot give remaining tests.

                                             Physical Tests
Details:    Sequence         Type          Total                              Time given 
                        1.          Running test      2.2 Km                8 1/2 min (8min and 30 sec)
                        2.          Chin up             3 repetition          2 min
                        3.          Push up             15 repetition        2min
                        4.          Sit up                15 repetition        2min
                        5.          Ditch crossing    7 ft ditch                -

Note: All candidates should complete these tests with required criteria within time in order to get successful and to be called for medical tests.One should note that it is very strange to see 2.2 km running
here instead of 1.6 km as shown in Army Ads which is not true.If we look at 1.6 km and round this we will get 2.0 km which is nearly equal to 2.2 km.Mostly people just see that  only candidates have to run 1.6 km but they simply donot use their sense that 1.6 can be rounded off  to 2 .Hence candidates will have to run 2.2 Km (2km&200 m) within 8 1/2 min (8min and 30 sec) only.Therefore it is recommended for candidates to practice running and develop stamina in order to be successful in running test.Those successful in these tests will called for medical test.
                                           Medical Tests 
Details:Medical tests which are conducted in CMH by Army Medical staff are  weight,height,chest test,knee knocking test,flat foot test,urine testing,bone test,checking of nose eyes ears &teeth,bones testing,urine testing,inheritance disease testing and blood pressure.
Weight Test: Weight should be according to be BMI index (Body Mass Index).
Chest   Test: During this the size of chest during deep breathing ( expansion and contraction of chest) is measured and it should expand to 5 cm (2 ft)  otherwise  if failed to come up to this requirement then candidate will be rejected at the spot.For example If prior  to deep breathing the size of chest of candidate is 32 inch then during deep breathing it should become 34 inch as per requirement ( increase of 5cm or 2 inch).
Therefore it is recommended for candidate to develop their chest by going to gym and taking proper exercise and develop their chest so during deep breathing it should increase by 5cm or 2inch.The chest is measured with measurement tape below the arms  from back of chest to front of chest.
Height  Test: Minimum height required is 5ft 4 inch (5.4 ft).
Knee Knocking Test: During running knee should not strike each other.This is tested in this test.This problem can be solved by riding horse or fixing air tight football between legs at the time of sleeping or nap.
Flat Foot Testing: Foot should not be much flat.There should grove in feet.
Urine Test: Urine of candidates is tested to see for any fatal disease.
Bone Testing: Bones structure of hands,feet and chest are checked.
Nose,Eyes,Ear & Teeth Testing:Nose,eyes,ear and teeth are checked.
Inheritance Disease Testing:Candidates having inheritance disease like inability to distinguish between red and green color are checked.
Blood Pressure:Blood pressure of candidates are checked.
Note: In order to clear medical all candidates should complete all and each tests mentioned above in order clear there medical tests conducted by CMH medical staff or Medical Board.If successful candidates will be called for interview otherwise they will be  rejected or not preferred.
Details: Interview are conducted by Major and Lt Col or by Brigadier at ASRC .Mostly questions asked are related to candidate Education,Parents Background,Family Background,Relations,General Knowledge,Current Affairs and personality questions and questions related to Army like why do you want to join Army? etc.If interview is successful then candidates will be given ISSB-Forms to fill after interview  is finished at ASRC for ISSB tests.Carefully read and fill the particulars in the form and remember all the details filled as this form will be dispatched to  GHQ and then to ISSB as  record and at ISSB question related to information filled in ISSB-Forms at ASRC and at ISSB on first day will be asked and if given wrong answers or the answers given are different from  those filled at ISSB forms can lead the candidate to rejection by ISSB.So be careful in filling form and remember whatever you fill.Avoid doing cutting during filling and fill neatly.
Note: ISSB call letter will be dispatched to successful candidates where time and date for ISSB test are mentioned in letter.The call letter status can be also checked at ISSB website by giving CNIC number in Call Letter section.
                                                                        I S S B
Information:ISSB stands for Inter Services Selection Board and is responsible for recommending  candidates for armed forces.Candidates are tested and interviewed at at four ISSB centers which are in Gujranwala,Kohat(Main ISSB centre),Malir and Quetta.
                                                                Test Procedure 
Testing and selection procedure in ISSB is three dimensional which are Physiological test,GTO and Interview.
                                                            Testing and Day Schedule
                 1 .  On the day of Arrival at ISSB

  • Reception
  • Checking of Document
  • Allotment of ID and chest numbers
  • Photographs
  • ISSB Admin staff address
  • Completion of Board Questionnaires
  • Filling of Personal individual query (PIQ) forms and Bio - Forms (Note: Remember each and every detail you fill in these forms e.g in PIQ and Bio-Forms since questions and information regarding these details which you filled in these forms will be asked by ISSB during interview by Deputy,Physiological officer and by GTO at any time.Avoid cutting,filling wrong information and details and leaving blank spaces.After filling read and remember the information which you filled.Writing unforgettable moment or most tragic moment or most amazing moment.(Always real unforgettable,tragic,most amazing moment which is related to your life since most candidates forget about what they written here when they write about these moment which is unrelated to their life.Write names of those persons whom you know as Deputy president can ask you that what is your relation or how do you this  person.Remember each and every thing which you write in these moments like place where it occurred,name,time,date and year of happening this incident or occurrence & city etc.In case you gave information or answer which is unrelated to your information or detail which you written in unforgettable,most amazing and tragic moment can lead you to rejection by ISSB) 
                                                         1.   On the 1st Day at ISSB

  • Opening Address and instructions are given by Deputy President
  • Psychological tests
                                                                    Intelligence test

                                                   Serial Number           Test type                  
                                                          1.                         Verbal Test           
Time Given:  
Detail: word relationship,coding and decoding,correct number etc.    

                                                          2.                       Non Verbal Test        

Detail:Only Figures,Diagrams are given which  have three types which are Analogies (having problem figure and answer figure),Classification(spot odd figure,anticlockwise,clockwise,increase and decrease in something),Series(having Clockwise and anticlockwise movement,descending and ascending order,mathematical order,abstract order),illustration(having figure dividing,reverse drawing,pattern synthesis,movement sequence),analogy(having pattern completion,spot the stranger).    

Important: Those candidates who fail to pass minimum passing requirement for these test are screened out from ISSB on the 1st day.Also the final merit list prepared by ISSB is based on the performance of candidates at these intelligence tests so always try to attempt all MCQs and answer all  MCQs correctly.Those successful in these tests are allowed to attempt remaining physiological and written tests on the same day.

                                              Remaining Psychological and other written test

                                                           Serial Number            Test type                          
                                                                 1.                      Mechanical test        

Time given:
Details:Figures MCQs related to principle,mechanism,working of pulley,levers,
angle,mass,time etc are given.Mechanical tests carry negative marking for each wrong answer e.g one marks is subtracted for each wrong answer from total so be careful.       
                                                                2.                Sentence completion test     

Total/MCQs:26 Urdu sentences and 26 English sentences
Time given: 6 minutes each for Urdu and English sentences.
Detail:Always write positive sentences and make good sentences.Avoid writing negative and bad or wrong sentences.        
                                                                3.                Make Sentence  from word       

Total/MCQs:100 words 
Time given:1 word is displayed on projector for 10 sec
Detail:As each word is displayed on projector for 10 second so be fast and write and make positive and good sentences.For example in case of word love make sentence love nation,love country etc and in case of word defend make sentence defend nation,defend country,defend motherland etc.         
                                                              4.              Picture story or Picture perception test.

Total/MCQs:Write maximum 8 lines only.Donot write more than it.
Time:3 or 4 minutes for each picture.
Details:Write that what is happening in picture at before,present and after.Also write about the number of character name,gender and surrounding and place,what is he doing,what does he do,what was his reaction or feeling etc.    

                       5.        Self Description test                   

 Details:  your name,father and mother ,education,family background,relatives,hobbies,friends,sports,your 5 good and bad points and these points should be related to your personality and remember these points.In good points you can write,speak truth,honest,social,cooperative,obedient,respect elders etc.In case of bad points you may write,wasting time on playing computer,sometimes quarrel with friends or brothers or etc.Never write bad points like you lie,theft,waster of time etc as these carry more negative impression at ISSB    

                2.  On the 2nd day at ISSB

Briefing and instructions are given GTO (Group testing officer)
  • Indoor tasks
  • Group discussion on given English or Urdu topic among group members
  • Group planning is made on given problem or situation or model by group members and  the plan is given or told to GTO by each group member.
  • Outdoor tasks
  • Progressive group task
  • Half group task
  • Interview by Psychological officer.
Interview: Questions related to unforgettable or amazing or tragic moment,bio forms and PIQ,hobbies and sentence making from word,sentence completion test and everything regarding to detail you filled and wrote during test etc are asked in interview by interviewer.Always speak true,give correct answer to the point,remain straight forward ,do not lie and give false behavior,attitude to your interviewer as it can result in your rejection remain careful,sit straight,wear formal dress,face should shaved properly,take bath before interview,and spray perfume and everything which you wrote in Psychologist test are asked during interview.
                                                                        Indoor tasks
Timing:These tests are held early in morning at 7 or 8 am.

                                         Serial Number               Task type           
                                                 1.                          Group discussion            
Time given:   
Details: Speak positive,do good discussion and speak good,avoid criticizing other ,don't give negative remarks,must speak at first chance or speak second chance or speak at third chance at beginning of discussion and speak again where possible.Avoiding looking st GTO,start discussion by saying bismillah herahmah nera heem and start discussion.Topic like Kya teacher be parents ke tareh bachey ko groom karney mein kirdar ada kartein hai etc is given.Topics are given in English or Urdu.       
                                                     2.                           Self speech  
Time given:2 minutes only
Detail:   On given topic or on at any topic.
   3.          Group planning or model discussion.

Time given:
Detail: Group Plan or individual group member plan  or solution to given problem in model is asked by GTO and any question like number of people,car,vehicles.objects,roads and solution etc is asked at any time by each candidate at any time.In case you give no plan to GTO or donot tell your plan or give false or wrong plan to GTO can lead you to rejection.So be careful and remember each and everything.    

                                                                      Outdoor tasks
Timing:Begin immediately after indoor tasks.

                                                Serial Number                      Task type       

                                                         1.                               Progressive tasks

Time given:   Aprox 30 to 50 minutes 
Detail:2 wood logs,1 thick small sized wood and one drum .6 members.
          2.                               Half group tasks     

Time given:15 minutes
Detail: Two obstacle having one Tyre in between them.3 group members        

               3. On the 3rd day at ISSB

                                                 Serial Number                       Task type  
                                                         1.                                 Individual tasks

Total/MCQs:9 obstacles.
Time given:2 or 3 minute only.
Detail:  9 obstacles which are High jump(4.5m height),Ditch(7ft'6 inch and 4 ft deep),,Boxing ring,rope climbing(9 ft high),walking on and Jumping over Plank,hanging bridge,Tarzan Swing,Monkey Bridge(Two parallel ropes at height of 14 ft) ,Crossing  through tyre.
Cross all 9 obstacles and do rope climbing obstacle at end as it is time and energy consuming.In boxing ring donot touch red ropes.In high jump if you touch the top of obstacle like your foot touches bamboo wen climbing over it,it will be considered foul.Donot touch the ropes of hanging bridge.    
     2.                                  Command tasks 

Total/MCQs:Three obstacles.
Time given:20 minutes.
Detail:Only tyres and white bricks.By putting foot on tyre and white brick each member has to cross from start point to final point.    4 members    Remain attentive,disciplined,careful,avoid looking again and again at GTO,donot get confused,donot laugh and smile,when commanding other members always keep some members at front and at back while keeping your self in middle.Cooperate and coordinate and help each member and also allow other members to work and honestly rate to your member regarding your and other members performance at end of task.Remain careful and complete in time since you may be rejected for poor command tasking or unsatisfactory performance.       
             3.             Full group task 

Time given:
Interview:Interview on third day is held by Deputy president in which questions regarding to candidates personality,education,family background,parents,general knowledge like president name ,prime minister name,foreign minister name of famous countries(muslim and non muslim) and of Pakistan and COAS name,Navy and Airforce chief of Pakistan,capitals of famous countries,location of seas(of Mediterranean sea),direction of prayer in various countries from Qibla(If you face west to offer prayer in Pakistan then in Egypt in which direction you will face.Name five or more than five countries in continents (for example : name five countries of Asia,Africa,North America,South America,Europe. etc).For this purpose memorize world Atlas and memorize countries in each continent,capitals of muslim and non muslim countries,near which or in which country the canals,lakes,rivers,sea are located.Where is Suez and Panama canal located,its length,located in which country and opened and closed on which date and year and by whom person and in which war.Did you saw B.P?,where and when and why did you saw B.P,if you donot look B.P then why not?,why do you do H.P?,Why dont you do H.P?do you have G.F?,if no G.F then why not??,.Did someone touched you?,do you love some one?
Appearance and Dress code: Before interview candidate must take bath,trim his hair,clean shave his face and wear formal dress like pant shirt with tie,dress shirt etc and wear polished black shoes.Donot wear T-Shirt and jeans.No sleepers,chappals etc.During interview sit straight don't lie down,attentive,maintain eye contact with interviewer, don't laugh and keep smiling,talk confidence,listen carefully, don't lie,questions related to information and detail which you filled in IQ form ,Bio form and which you wrote in most amazing moment,most tragic moment,unforgettable moment are asked and everything you wrote at ISSB is asked.Be careful as any lie,wrong information,misbehavior,bad attitude,negativity and negative remarks,mismatching of information given by you as compared with that you filled or wrote can lead you to Not recommendation.
Re-Interview: Candidates having 50 % chance of selection are called by their id number and re interviewed.Follow the same instruction as given up.

                               4. 4th day at ISSB

Detail:On the 4th day at ISSB all candidates leave for their homes.Conference is held by ISSB committee members (by Psychologist,G.T.O,Deputy) in which merits and demerits regarding of  each candidates is decided.Each three committee members have 3 votes.For recommendation candidate should get minimum 2 vote in his favor.After result is prepared by ISSB recommendation and not recommendation letter is send to candidate home within one week.Those recommended have to undergo medical in nearby CMH.Those successful in medical are sent call letter for joining Military training academy like PMA Etc.The ISSB recommended candidates will recieve recommendation letter given below:-
Note: PMA143 is coming soon in October
Declaration: All information mentioned is 100 % correct and verifed by GC,Ex-Candidates,Selected candidates and Army officers and have no errors.
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